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digitaltradeassets.com is a leading global renewables development company with O&M service provider, Gas, Electricity, Solar distributor and Energy solutions provider and it was founded in 2017 in London, Uk. Digitaltradeassets as built one of the leading brands in the crypto industry by offering secure, reliable services to customers in over 200 countries for nearly 7 years. The Digitaltradeassets company generates a block of 3.7% per annual, one block equals 144 Bitcoins, which allows Digitaltradeassets to appropriate remittances of any amount of (Return Of Investment percentage) ROi% to all investors in the platform. Digitaltradeassets have raised $537M of equity, valued at $5.2B. Both the Consumer and Institutional businesses are highly profitable with $1T+ transacted and ⅓ of all BTC transactions through our retail platform since inception.

You are probably asking yourself how it is possible to generate a profit of 33% in just 48hrs. Well, it is not difficult at all. Let's start with the fact that we invest in industries such as cryptocurrencies, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and natural resources. Our IT specialists have created investment bots that can recognize the market and show us with almost 100% probability the company or cryptocurrencies in which we are to invest, and the use of financial leverage and the vast knowledge of our traders allows us to generate profits at a very high level. We care about our users, and especially about their safety. That is why we have just invested a lot of money in the security of it systems, the necessary safety certificates and an insurance policy in the event of bankruptcy.

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You can explore bonuses and build your suppose capital by involving in a referral scheme. Referral bonuses are typically offered to investors who refer someone with their referral link and the person register and deposit into his or her Digitaltradeassets account, automatically you will receive 5% referral commission from they company referral system.

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